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Jo just det. Höll på att glömma. Och dessutom tänkte jag: det är väl knappt nån som läser den här bloggen längre. Men detta måste ändå sägas, annars får jag dåligt samvete:

I detta nu pågår radiostationen WFMU:s årliga maraton. Det är viktigt. Mycket viktigt. Jag är väldigt engagerad i stationens verksamhet och välbefinnande, både som aktiv lyssnare och som funktionär. Bland annat producerar jag podcasten Best Show Gems, som är en samling av det bästa som The Best Show on WFMU har att erbjuda - med andra ord, ganska jävla bra grejer.

Är man någorlunda regelbunden läsare av den här bloggen är detta såklart ingen ny information. Jag har skrivit om både The Best Show, WFMU och maratonet en massa gånger förr. Jag fick dock precis ett meddelande från Tom Scharpling. Tom är programledare för The Best Show och en av WFMU:s ledande profiler och dessutom en god vän. Han sammanfattar varför det är viktigt att stödja en radiostation som WFMU, och peppar dessutom alla inblandade - lyssnare, vänner, bekanta, volontärer - inför hans finalpass på tisdag kväll (onsdag morgon kl 03 här i Sverige). Han säger det bättre och med mer emfas än jag.

Take it away, Tom:

Hello everybody! It's Tom Scharpling, the host of The Best Show On WFMU!

WFMU’s 2012 fundraising marathon is underway, and I'm doing my second and final fundraising marathon show thisTuesday, February 28th from 9 PM-midnight EST, asking for your pledges to help keep WFMU up and running for another year. Remember, WE ARE A LISTENER SPONSORED STATION, and the way we make our operating budget is through our marathon. We don't take sleazy corporate grants or shady government subsidies or any of that stuff, and that allows us to bring you freeform radio that is 100 percent free - that's the beauty of not having ties to The Bad Guys.

We've got special guests galore coming down to make the show as much fun as possible. What kind of ‘special guests’ you may ask? For starters we’ve got TED LEOreturning to the Best Show airwaves! We will also have the amazing JOHN HODGMAN in the studio! And PATRICK STICKLES from TITUS ANDRONICUS is going to swing by and play some songs! And there will be MORE SURPRISES as well - more guests and fun that I can't announce right now! This is an amazing lineup and we do it to keep the marathon fun for everybody!

So call and pledge 1-800-989-9368 or pledge online at this Tuesday February 28th between 9 PM-midnight EST!! But you gotta pledge DURING MY SHOW to get the exclusive Best Show HAMMER OF THE GODS BEST SHOW DEMON SUMMONER FUN PACK, available to anyone who pledges $75 or more!

What is in this pack? For starters, we will be debuting the first issue of BEST SHOW MAGAZINE, which will feature all kinds of exciting things, like my exclusive interview with MICHAEL NESMITH, a star-packed Scharpling and Wurster Q&A with questions from friends of the show likePATTON OSWALT, AMY POEHLERPAUL RUDDPAUL SCHEER and others! It will also feature writing and comics from JOHN HODGMAN,MICHAEL KUPPERMANDAVID REES, an unreleased “Timewaster Letter” from ROBIN COOPER (aka Robert Popper) and so much more!

The mag also includes a FLEXI DISC featuring exclusive songs from KURT VILE and THE REIGNING SOUND! Trust me – it’s gonna be AMAZING – I work year-round on these premiums and I haven’t disappointed you yet!

There will also be a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the previously unavailable Radiovision Conference that I did back in October with MARC MARON and IRA GLASS! This is your only chance to hear a truly hilarious and insightful event!

The pack will also have a brand new BEST SHOW CD packed with comedy from SCHARPLING & WURSTERZACH GALIFIANAKISJEN KIRKMANVANCE THE PUPPETGARY THE SQUIRREL and more! This is only available by pledging to my show! And if that wasn’t enough there will be a brand new BEST SHOW STICKER and a VANCE STRESS BALL! And that’s all for a pledge of 75 dollars or more! Once the marathon is over, these items are GONE and UNAVAILABLE.

And anybody who pledges $500 or more gets all the station prizes PLUS a COLOR VINYL copy of the RATED GG single that was last year's premium! This is the ONLY WAY TO GET THIS!!

And if you ever wanted to watch the show live, if you pledge $1000 or more you can come down to watch the show LIVE IN THE STUDIO! All your Best Show dreams will come true!

You should know a couple things about your pledge. Firstly, it is TAX DEDUCTABLE. And secondly, if you want to support the station but don't have the money right now,YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY YOUR PLEDGE RIGHT AWAY! The station sends you a bill in the mail and you can take care of it later. You can structure your payments in EASY MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS! But the important thing is pledging and being a part of something Good in a world that is filled with Too Much Bad, especially in These Troubling Times.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CALL OR PLEDGE ONLINE DURING MY SHOW, I will gladly write the pledge up myself. You can email me your information - name, address and pledge amount - and I will fill it out myself. All addresses and information is completely confidential and is not sold or distributed in any way shape or form, so don't worry about your privacy. Write me at and I’ll take care of it.

And PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS! Put it on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and MySpace and maybe even Friendster if you can still remember your password. Post it on like-minded message boards! Tell co-workers and friends and family members and whoever! The station has a huge mountain to climb this time, but we can do it if enough people step up to the plate and pitch in.


Tuesday February 28th beween 9pm-midnight EST


CALL 1-800-989-9368 or PLEDGE ONLINE at on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 28th between 9 PM-midnight EST and be counted!

Thank you!

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