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Den ena en sprudlande R&B-bomb som briserade för ett par år sedan. Den andra en slick, åka-bil-mitt-i-natten house anthem med Ameries uppchoppade vokalbitar serverade på guldfat. Den senare har cirkulerat på nätet ett tag, och släpptes nyligen på vinyl av 100% Silk.

tisdag 22 november 2011

"The Film I'm No Longer Talking About" - now available on DVD

For the first time ever, Martin Degrell’s and Jesper Ganslandt’s acclaimed documentary The Film I’m No Longer Talking About (orig. Filmen jag inte pratar om längre) is now available on DVD, in a very limited and exclusive edition. The DVD is region free and has optional English subtitles! The feature-length documentary, which tells the story of a failed film shoot in Malmö, Sweden in the early 00s, had its world premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival in 2009, where it closed out the festival. Since then, it’s been broadcast as a “K Special” documentary on Swedish National Television SVT, and screened at a number of film festivals all across Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 

Here's what one viewer had to say about the film (quote from IMDB): 

Congratulations, filmmakers, on seizing an opportunity, forwarding a distinct vision, and aligning with the right people to make your documentary happen. To persevere through what must have been an emotionally charged time, to recognize the faults and possibilities of the original film, to find the true story arc that seemed to elude the original film's producer/director, and then finish it all off with a skillfully edited production straight from the heart, on your own terms ... though surely exhausting, overall, it must have been a truly satisfying experience, start to finish.

The themes are simultaneously complex, broad, intimate, accessible and universal, with intelligent, tightly woven parallels between the two productions, and I highly recommend you all see it ... then have your friends see it. And tell your family while you're at it. It is right and good to be inspired by this kind of filmmaker's journey, which, in my view, is an optimistic cautionary tale.
The story rightly revolves around the leader of the pack -- producer Patrick Casey, a freshly minted millionaire secretly riddled with insecurities. "It works to fool yourself as long as you fool everybody else," he says in retrospect, on top a rooftop in Malmo (love that location and all that it suggests, as well as the accompanying score). For Patrick to recognize his shortcomings is admirable and demonstrates the discovery of an inner humility that would have served him well years earlier. But equally laudable, if not more so, are the people behind the scenes who, years later, whenever that moment presented itself, actually turned lemons into lemonade -- they did something productive with the material; they made it into a story, something positive, something cathartic. Watch and absorb, for example, the growth of the screenwriter, who, lacking clear direction from the top, initially struggles with basic questions about the original production, like, "What is the film about?", then turns inward to deliver wise statements regarding motivation, privilege, and professionalism. In his early screen writing days, I wonder if Billy Wilder ever felt conflicted like that.

The DVD is distributed by Fasad; a copy costs €15 (Europe) or $20 (rest of the world), including shipping. To order a copy, please send an email to martin@fasad.se.



Sweden, 2009. Documentary. 72 minutes. Region free DVD. PAL.
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1380096/
Website with info, pics, trailer and more (mostly in Swedish): http://www.fasad.se/fjipol 

This is the UNCUT THEATRICAL VERSION of the film, which so far has only been screened at a handful of film festivals around Scandinavia, following the world premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival in 2009. The version that was shown on Swedish Television (SVT) in the fall of 2009 was a 58-minute long, made-for-TV version. This is the first and likely only DVD edition that will ever exist of The Film I'm No Longer Talking About.


- audio commentary by Martin Degrell and Jesper Ganslandt (Swedish)
- "Las Vegas"
- teaser trailer
- optional English subtitles


"Filmen jag inte pratar om längre" - nu på DVD

Nu finns Martin Degrells och Jesper Ganslandts uppmärksammade dokumentärfilm Filmen jag inte pratar om längre på DVD, i en liten och begränsad upplaga. Dokumentären skildrar en misslyckad filminspelning i Malmö i början av årtiondet, och hade världspremiär på Göteborgs filmfestival 2009, där den var festivalens avslutningsfilm. Den har sedan dess sänts som en K Special-dokumentär på SVT, samt visats på diverse filmfestivaler i Sverige, Norge och Danmark.

DVD:n distribueras av Fasad och kostar 120 kr, inkl frakt inom Sverige. Om du är intresserad av att köpa ett exemplar, skicka ett mail till degrell (at) gmail punkt com.

Sverige, 2009. Dokumentär. 72 minuter. Regionfri DVD. PAL.
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1380096/
Svensk filmdatabas: http://tinyurl.com/bn4kj9a
Hemsida med synopsis, bakgrund och pressbilder: http://www.fasad.se/fjipol

Det här är den långa bioversionen av Filmen jag inte pratar om längre, som bara visats på en handfull filmfestivaler runtom Skandinavien efter världspremiären på Göteborgs filmfestival 2009. Versionen som visades som en K Special-dokumentär på SVT hösten 2009 var en nerklippt, 58 minuter lång TV-version. Det här är den första och troligen enda DVD-upplagan som någonsin kommer att tryckas av Filmen jag inte pratar om längre.

- kommentarspår av Martin Degrell och Jesper Ganslandt
- "Las Vegas"
- teaser trailer
- valfria engelska undertexter