måndag 24 september 2007

Om Bill O'Reilly vore rappare

J-Smooth menar att Bill O'Reillys likheter med en gangstarappare är fler än han själv nog vill erkänna.


Made You Watch

Now let me distort your perspective with my invective
Then pretend I'm objective
Y'all appointed me to serve injustice
kick like a steel toe y'all know it's Bill-O

My tactics are trifling, when I attack for the right wing
Run up from the back push the knife in
Up in my No Spin Zone i rock your bells like a ringtone
Call you prehistoric like Fllintstones

This ain't journalism, this is fox news
You need a plan for some slander, i got you
Propaganda I spit like *hock poo*
And that stan named Olbermann's getting got too

Plus I know you've seen Colbert jackin my swagger
but now I'm back in the lab and the fact of the matter is
The O'Reilly Factor is fatter, the facts don't matter
If i lack raw data i just pack more chatter

And when you see me debating the screaming and hating
Is only succeeding in making all of my ratings get fatter

He's lying!

Ha, made you watch
In my game you're a pawn when I'm on Fox
Getting big cuz I mix all your minds up
Where my don's at? Where my neocons at?

(via Ill Doctrine)

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