måndag 1 oktober 2007

Första visningen av There Will Be Blood

PTA:s There Will Be Blood visades för första gången inför publik häromdagen, på en filmfestival i Austin. Anmälarna uppskattade vad de såg:

Variety: "Certain to be rewarded with year-end accolades, Anderson’s film is a true American saga - one that rivals Giant and Citizen Kane in our popular lore as origin stories about how we came to be the people we are." [...] "[Radiohead guitarist and BBC composer in residence Johnny] Greenwood’s astonishing score is sure to be one of the most remarked-on aspects of the movie."

Cinematical: "
Easily one of the year’s best films (so far), There Will Be Blood presents a side of Paul Thomas Anderson that we haven’t really seen yet — but it’s proof positive that he’s still one of the finest directors out there right now. You probably won’t believe that this film came from the same man who directed (the awesome) Boogie Nights, and I mean that as a big compliment. It’s just that different — and just that damned good."

IndieWire: "God Bless P.T. Anderson, for making his fifth consecutive slam dunk. I’m just so stunned and impressed and shaken by this film." [...] "There are flourishes of Stanley Kubrick, Terrence Malick, and Robert Altman (to whom the film is dedicated) but Anderson steps up his game as a master filmmaker beautifully telling a very scary story."

/Film sammanfattar reaktionerna.

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