söndag 3 februari 2008

Citat i veckan

"When Tony made Style Wars, the seminal documentary about hip-hop and particularly graffiti in New York, he wasn't a part of hip-hop or graffiti culture. He and his partner Henry Chalfant made a film that is immensely intelligent and respectful of its subjects, a bunch of New York kids who were discovering something that would really and truly change the world. By allowing these kids to speak for themselves to a world that at the time was at best borderline contemptuous of them was really a watershed decision."
Jesse Thorn minns Tony Silver, som dog i veckan.

"You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Especially since so many of the writers on said shows are huge music fans who go out and ’support the scene’. All you’re doing is contributing to the extension of the strike by allowing these shows to replicate a normal non-strike show. Late night talk programs should be forced to suffer talent-wise, and you’re shortening the gulf between a normal show and a strike show. Which helps keep ratings up, which puts the studios in a position where settling the strike in a timely way just isn’t that necessary."
Tom Scharpling avhyvlar artister som inte respekterar WGA-strejken och uppträder hos Conan och Leno.

"This was one of the 45's I spun at my 14th birthday party in 1977 at Fort Riley, KS. My first girlfriend, a gorgeous black cheerleader named Yvonne Quinton, turned me on to it. I was very interested in her hair ("Blow it out for me, Yvonne!") but I was really more interested in Steve DePew. I still dj with this song and usually follow it with a slow jam that Yvonne and I used to grind to like Teddy Pendergrass' Turn off the Lights or Close the Door or Pour Some Hot Oil On Me. (By the way, the rumors about him were true. I met his chauffeur.)"
John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Shortbus) är årets hittills mest oväntade gästbloggare på Soul Sides.

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